About Me

Full Name: Mariza Zara

Nick Name : Aya

Place/ Date of birth: Tangerang, January 27th 1994

Gender : Female

Nationality : Indonesia

Marital Status : Single
Religion : Moeslim
Address : Jl. Bulak Wangi 3 Komplek Patal Perumahan Bumi Partawijaya A3 08/13 Kedaung-Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan- Banten, 15415

E-mail : marizazara@gmail.com

Background Education

*2011- Present   : Bogor EduCARE

*2008-2011       : Graduate from Senior High School 86 Jakarta Selatan

*2005-2008       : Graduate from Junior High School Perwira Jakarta Selatan

*1999-2005       : Graduate from Elementary School IV Pondok Ranji, Tangerang Selatan


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